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Ghost Tour Team

We aim to provide a genuine experience to our guests that follows closely with our values of respect for historical preservation and passion for paranormal research.

20 Years Investigating and Tours Since 2006

Our tours have been curated by the experienced history masters of Curious History Tours and GhostStop owner Shawn Porter. With this team by your side, you can be sure you're getting an experience built by true paranormal investigators and historians dedicated to the preservation of our city's storied past.

Kathleen Davis

Respected historian, intense researcher and passionate purveyor of the historically weird and wonderful. Kathleen is also the owner of Curious History Walking Tours of Lynchburg.

Shawn Porter

World-renowned paranormal investigator and owner of GhostStop who can be seen on TV shows including GHOST HUNTERS and Ghost Brothers. Shawn is a go-to advisor for many research teams around the world and works closely with many shows including GHOST ADVENTURES, Kindred Spirits and more.

Experienced Guides

Your tour will also be accompanied by GhostStop Crew or Curious History Guides. Beyond their expertise on the tour, our guides are known for their exceptional guest-service - bringing their experience from some of the best around including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaQuest.

With that, we are confident you'll enjoy your experience with Lynchburg Ghost Tours.

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